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BOSE Around-Ear Headphones

Posted on August 22, 2013   

When I started to actual practice and take drumming seriously, I realized I needed a pair of headphones so I could learn songs and play to them. I didn't want completely noise cancelling ones, though. After some searching these seemed like a great buy. Very comfortable and adjustable. I have owned these for almost 4 years and I am still in love. In fact, I was so happy with BOSE's product that after I bought them, I created a video product review for a class in college. You can search for it on YouTube /watch?v=i9-b4RNCMqE.


  • Beauty shot from the side. As goofy as any kind of around ear headphone looks, BOSE managed to make these look nice.
  • Headphones came with a drawstring bag to carry them in and a 5 foot extension cord.
  • Full frontal. Very sleek design for a pair of headphones.
  • Carrying case comes in handy. Also just good to store them in to prevent dust from getting in.
  • Earcups swivel and help to form to your head for a really snug fit. I'm convinced they would accommodate any head size and shape.
  • Most comfortable headphones I've ever owned.