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Ibanez Iron Label RGIR20FE with Fishman TriplePlay

Posted on September 9, 2013   

This is my newest acquisition, an Ibanez RG type with EMG pickups. I added a Fishman TriplePlay MIDI pickup so I could use software synthesizers with it. I wanted a guitar that would take me out of the "Stratocastering" mindset when playing around with MIDI. I also needed something that could play fast and had 24 frets. This ax fits the bill. I'm still bonding with it, but it immediately reminded me of my first "real" guitar, a 1990 Japanese-made Ibanez RG760, which has sold ages ago (with much regret). Playing this guitar is like Deja vu, only better.


  • This is a good shot of the TriplePlay unit and hex pick up mounted directly in front of the bridge.  The controller unit attaches via magnets to a bracket that wedges in behind your strap button.  The underside of the bracket has cork on it, so absolutely no finish marring.  The whole install took less than an hour.
  • I've always loved the Ibanez headstock. This one is clean, simple, and elegant.
  • As radical as the RG body style may be in contrast to a Strat or LP, I think the gloss black, white binding, no fret inlays and simple appointments make this guitar as understated as possible for a pointy shred machine.
  • Good shot of a little bonus feature I didn't realize I was getting.  The silver toggle is a KILLSWITCH.  I just like how that sounds.  I'm not very good at making stuttering effects with it, but I think after some practice I can make this guitar dubstep.
  • The very beefy Ibanez Gibraltar fixed bridge.
  • Action shot.  That's me in the business casual and my good buddy Neil laying down some Strat mojo.