I play in a cover band from Northeast Nebraska known as The Back Forty. I also build custom drums.

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My own HVK kit that I built for myself!

Posted on October 28, 2013   

I finished this kit in May of 2013 and have been playing it ever since. All birch shells with a 10 ply kick drum and 8 ply rack and floor toms. Sizes are: diameter x depth: 22 x 20 kick, 12 x 8 rack, and 16 x 14 floor. Coated Evans G2's on top with clear G1's on bottom. The kick has an EMAD 2 Batter side with an Aquarian resonant side. All bearing edges are 45 degree double cut, while the resonant side of the kick drum received a double 30 degree cut. (Allows for the low end to be quite prominent with just the right amount of sustain)