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Ernie Ball Music Man Reflex

Posted on May 19, 2013   

My current production rig. This guitar is extremely well balanced, plays like a dream, and can tackle any sound from Tele to Les Paul.


  • Electronics May 22, 2013

    The two DiMarzio humbucking pickups in this guitar are wired to a five-way blade switch, instead of the usual three-way toggle. Position 1 (all the way back) is the bridge humbucker. Position 2 is the outside coils only of both humbuckers. Position 3 is both humbuckers on. Position 4 is the inside coils only of both humbuckers. Position 5 is the neck humbucker. Additionally, there is a global series/parallel switch wired to all positions. This gives you a total of ten different sounds from only two switches. The sonic versatility is incredibly useful and every position has great tone and a musical function.