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Tiger Taj Sonchai
TAO Entertainment Network

I am a Bass Kune Do practitioner and aspire to become a better bass master. I am humbled by what can be done with various bass techniques. About me...I'm Tiger Taj Sonchai and many musicians and industry professionals have dubbed me "The Buddha" or "The Buddha of Bass".

I just also happen to be a Buddhist that plays bass.

As a bassist I am in no competition with anyone to reign supreme among bass players. I am on my own path as a musician. "I am but a Mouse riding the mystical, musical wind with Dragons."

Bass Kune Do; Is a simple philosophy that comes from the martial art of Jeet Kune Do. A Bruce Lee philosophy that I have adapted to bass playing and music...

Tiger Taj Sonchai's Bass Kune Do
September 1, 2013 ·
My bass playing philosophy comes from a martial arts prospective and background.
The Three Stages of Cultivation — The first is the primitive stage. It is a stage of original ignorance in which a person knows nothing about the art of playing the musical Instrument. The new bassist may piddle, he or he may not even know how to hold the bass. They fumble ackwardly without any idea of what is right and wrong. They will hear a riff or even a simple song and try to play it. This is good. This method help train the ear. You can't play bass and be tone deaf.
The second stage — the stage of sophistication, or mechanical stage — begins when a person starts his training. He or she is taught the different ways of playing notes and patterns. They learn counter point and harmonies, timing and scales. This inspires thinking outside the box and creativity.— unquestionably, he/ she has gained the scientific knowledge of music, but unfortunately his original self and sense of freedom are lost, and his action no longer flows by itself, not yet...Performance or stage presence is paramount. You have to compliment your situation.
The third stage — the stage of non-confinement or the spontaneous stage — occurs when, after years of serious and hard practice, the student realizes that after all, music is nothing special in the scheme of gifts and talents. You have to make it special. And instead of trying to impose on their mind that it must be done to a specific letter, they adjusts themselves to the piece of music like water pressing on an earthen wall that flows through the slightest crack. There is nothing to do but to be solid and fill the pocket like water in a pool. Freedom is liberating and to be able to perform a piece of music is spiritual!

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    SWR: LA Series 8

    This is a cool little practice combo amp. It's good for simply practicing or performing with acoustic instruments.