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Modulus VJ4 - Warmoth Dinky P prototype body

Posted on June 18, 2013   

I have to work on checking all the different spec's on this bass, but here is what I can remember. This is a Modulus VJ neck. Custom ordered and made for me. It has a Chechen fretboard and is wrapped in Alder. The tuners are Hipshot-black tuners. The bridge is a Bad Ass II Black bridge. The pickups are special wound EMG pickups that I had made when I was added to their endorsee list. They are based on the P4 standard versions. This has the EMG active 18v electronics in it as well. The body is a custom 1 off Dinky Precision body. It is a carved top 1 piece White Korina body with a hand rubbed tung oil finish I did myself. 12 coats... This bass was assembled by a guy at Lakland basses for me. The day I brought it back from Lakland, Frank Cavanaugh of Filter was walking though our show room and I let him noodle around on the bass!


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