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Ernie Ball Musicman S.U.B. 5 SLO Fretted

Posted on June 14, 2013   

--- This is a made in U.S.A. SLO SUB 5 fretted bass. This needs to be strongly emphasized - it bears no manufacturing relationship to the current line of "Sub" basses from the Sterling by Musicman brand. THIS bass instead was made by the same folks using the same tools and the same designs and same parts as any other American Musicman bass in the early/mid 2000s.

--- Summary: Aside from finish appearance and possibly feel difference due to finish on body and neck, this bass is essentially a Classic Stingray 5 string 2 band with Alnico magnet and 4-string style pickguard. This was back in the early 2000s long before there was such a thing available!

--- INCREDIBLE instrument.

--- Mine is black and the pickguard is an aftermarket black model - this is one seriously metal looking bass! Incredibly versatile instrument, amazing to play and record. Running sunbeams on it currently - shockingly great strings for a stingray.

--- Pet peve - it shows off every technical flaw I play. Great for practicing on!


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  • --- Specs unique to the SLO SUB basses from USA:
    --- Body: Poplar
    --- Neck finish: painted (ugh, but it feels fine - I may get the finish removed one day)
    --- Headstock color: black, no matter what the body color is
    --- Finish: Industrial rough-finished flat hard coat in unique color choices compared to the rest of the EBMM line-up
    --- Body shape: classic stingray slab without any contours
    --- Pickguard: shaped like a 4 string Stingray (yay!), but made from industrial aluminum glues to hard stock.
    --- Pickup: Alnico (like the sought after classic Stingray pickup), made in USA
    --- Nut: Standard, not compensated
    --- Preamp: Classic 2-band US preamp (much sought after)


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