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Ernie Ball Music Man Sterling 4

Posted on April 12, 2013   

This is my most coveted piece of gear. I bought it used for around $900 US. It has been my goto bass since the day I got it. My favorite features are the super-fast neck, light weight and sleek look.

Studio Recordings

April 12, 2013
  • I used this bass to record all of the tracks for the PictureYes album Rival. I had fairly broken in Ernie Ball Super Slinkys and took a few mins once before recording to do a quick setup. I played with the pickup selector forward and set the bass' EQ pretty flat with a little boost to the highs and lows. Other than chewing through a battery or two from running through my parts over and over, I had no problems with my Sterling in the studio. I even got a few compliments from the producer and fellow bass player on the tone.

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